Dating in The Modern Age Pt. 2

Dating in the modern age Pt. 2 Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like you were doing most of the work? Like you were the one investing so much of yourself into that relationship while it seemed like the other person was holding out on you? Let me tell you this,… Continue reading Dating in The Modern Age Pt. 2

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Missionary Dating

As a christian girl, you are here on a mission for God. A non-christian boyfriend will not share this same mission with you because he does not serve the same king as you. Our mission for God does not entail us to date someone to convert them to christianity. When we get into a relationship,… Continue reading Missionary Dating

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Should Single Christians Aim to Get Married?

I think in the vast majority of Bible-believing churches today, at least in Western countries, Christian leaders tend to take one of two attitudes towards advising single young Christians about marriage. First, there are those who encourage all young Christians to get married if possible rather than remain single.  These leaders understand that it is… Continue reading Should Single Christians Aim to Get Married?