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Bible in 90 Days: Day 2 Reflections

Genesis 17 - 28:1-19 Out of all these chapters, chapter 22 was the one I zeroed in on most. God promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars and finally, many years later he was given a son by Sarah named Issac. Looking at Abrahams life, it wasn't hard to see… Continue reading Bible in 90 Days: Day 2 Reflections

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Missionary Dating

As a christian girl, you are here on a mission for God. A non-christian boyfriend will not share this same mission with you because he does not serve the same king as you. Our mission for God does not entail us to date someone to convert them to christianity. When we get into a relationship,… Continue reading Missionary Dating

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Why Should I Accept Jesus?

Why should I accept Jesus? Until you accept that Jesus died for you on Calvary and believe that in faith, you will live and die without any real satisfaction in your soul. You will life your life without truly experiencing God's love towards you. You will live day by day in stress without ever experiencing… Continue reading Why Should I Accept Jesus?

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Boyfriends DO NOT Get Husband Privileges

Why is it that we allow our boyfriends privileges that are not theirs to take? Why do we give them rights that only a husband can have? Why do we let them have a 'preview' of what marriage would look like? I think that many of us have confused the word boyfriend with husband. THEY… Continue reading Boyfriends DO NOT Get Husband Privileges