From Worrier to Warrior

“My worries are few because my blessings are many”

I’ve heard this phrase too many times to count but I’ve never actually believed it till about a month ago. So many of us get so focused on our worries, that we don’t take the time to look around us. Continue reading


Give up on trying to fake it as a Christian

Lately I’ve met a lot of people who say that they’re Christian, but they don’t act like it. Based on their actions and words I would have never guessed that they were either. So I started looking into it more and I came across an interesting video where Francis Chan talks about “Give up on trying to fake it as a Christian.” There are so many of you out there that claim to Continue reading

While We Wait…

So often I find myself focused on my problems and cares instead of the one who can take care of my problems and cares. In life it’s about where we put our focus and what our perspective is. We need to remember God’s promises and keep them in mind. If God says something, then it will surely Continue reading