Bible in 90 Days: Day 1 Reflections

So I'm doing this Bible in 90 Days reading plan again but this time I wanted to dig a little deeper as I go through it. So I've decided that for each of the 90 Days, I'll do a reflection on a passage or chapter, that really spoke to me. Anyways, these reflections aren't going… Continue reading Bible in 90 Days: Day 1 Reflections

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Dating in The Modern Age

(PART 1) Dating has changed so much over the years, even the word itself wasn't used back in the day. It was referred to as 'courting' meaning the person you plan to one day marry. However, things have changed so much that people date just so they can say they're in a relationship. Others date… Continue reading Dating in The Modern Age

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Boyfriends DO NOT Get Husband Privileges

Why is it that we allow our boyfriends privileges that are not theirs to take? Why do we give them rights that only a husband can have? Why do we let them have a 'preview' of what marriage would look like? I think that many of us have confused the word boyfriend with husband. THEY… Continue reading Boyfriends DO NOT Get Husband Privileges