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Leading A Double Life

To that one person, you know who you are. You live your life leading a double life. You act one way in front of everyone, maybe you even have more than one mask depending who you’re with but that’s for another day. You think no one knows your secrets, you think no one knows what… Continue reading Leading A Double Life


Dating in The Modern Age Pt. 2

Dating in the modern age Pt. 2 Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like you were doing most of the work? Like you were the one investing so much of yourself into that relationship while it seemed like the other person was holding out on you? Let me tell you this,… Continue reading Dating in The Modern Age Pt. 2

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Why Should I Accept Jesus?

Why should I accept Jesus? Until you accept that Jesus died for you on Calvary and believe that in faith, you will live and die without any real satisfaction in your soul. You will life your life without truly experiencing God's love towards you. You will live day by day in stress without ever experiencing… Continue reading Why Should I Accept Jesus?