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How To Show Effort In A Relationship

In todays world, people make it seem as if dating is like putting together an Ikea table, which hello?! It’s completely not! Have you ever tried to put together an Ikea table?? It’s like nearly impossible! Dating isn’t as hard as that but some people just make it more complicated than it really is.

“Dating is not like playing the x games (whatever those are), it can be easy if you actually both want to be in that relationship.”

In ever relationship, all they want is to be shown that they are wanted, to see that they matter. Why would anyone want to be in a relationship where they aren’t wanted? Where the other person doesn’t really make an effort to hang out with them, to get to know them better.

The question now is how do you show an effort in a relationship? How do you show the other person that you care and that you want to be in that relationship?

Make them a priority. Let them know what you’re up to even if they don’t ask, it lets them know that you’re thinking about them. Ask them about their day, it shows that you genuinly interest in how it went. Just as you ask about their day, talk about your day. Most importantly, if you know that you won’t be on your phone for someone reason for the day, let the other person know. If they text you and you don’t respond, they’ll assume the worst(that you’re probably blowing them off)

Give them your full attention. When you are spending time together, they should have your full attention. Don’t go out on a date with work on your mind. Put all of that aside and just focus on them. Be there with them. If you’re on a date, this means putting your phone down and just talking with them and listening to what they have to say. The rest of the world can wait a few hours.

Make time for them. This is a key factor when it comes to showing effort. If you really like a person, you making time to spend time with them, to talk with them, to FaceTime them when you’re out of town for work. This just shows them that you are trying. If you claim to like someone but you’re always “busy” you send out the wrong message. A message we get perfectly clear, one that causes us to see you in a different light. It’s not about the gifts you give us, its about how much time you are putting in. Time is more valuable to us than anything. Go out of your way to see them, if they live across town or state, make the drive! Actions sometimes do speak louder than words!

Plan your dates. Yes going to a restaurant for dinner and then walking around town is nice but it gets old if you do the same thing over and over again. A relationship is supposed to be exciting! So plan your date every now and then, surprise her with something you haven’t done yet or seen. It’ll just show her that you’re making an effort to make her happy.

Tell them how much they. mean to you. Don’t let her assume how much she means to you, she already does that. Tell her. We like to hear it coming for you every now and them. It’s just a lovely reminder of how much we mean to you

Being in a relationship doesn’t have to be difficult. Take note on some of the points I mentioned above and if you don’t already do them, incorporate them into your relationship. You’ll see how happy your person becomes because they’ll feel more loved than they already do!

Guys (and all you ladies!) just remember that its the little things that make a big difference!

(okay and on a side note, how do you guys feel about the color scheme of the text? Yes no? Comment your opinion below:)

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