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When You’re Waiting For Love

You, the one reading this, are you single? How long have you been waiting around for love to come your way? You may have had guys/girls in your life before, but they’re gone now. You’ve been alone for awhile now and you’re just waiting. Waiting for love to come to your life again, the waiting seems to drag on forever.

Waiting for love is like waiting for a pot of water to start boiling, a watched pot boils for what seems like an eternity. When you feel yourself getting tired of waiting, just take it day by day. One day at a time. You’ll see yourself slowly start to turn your attention elsewhere, start living instead of waiting.

I’ve been told more times that I would like to admit that the one for me will be the exact opposite of what I expected. I’ve come to expect this AND that he will come when you least expect him to. When you’re sitting around waiting for love, he won’t show up. It doesn’t happen this way.

This alone time you have right now, don’t let it go to waste! Don’t waste your life sitting around for the love of your life to show up, instead go live life! Enjoy your alone time because once you enter into a relationship, you won’t have that luxury anymore. You’ll wish that you made the most of your me time.

“He’ll come out of nowhere. He’ll come when you stop looking.”

Some of us, eventually get so tired of the waiting that we settle down with whoever is there, with whatever is more convenient for us. That isn’t fair to them because we can never truly love them the right way. If we settle for whoever is available, we’ll end up with someone else’s person. Are you really willing to risk your future happiness because you had a moment of weakness and were to tired to wait? Are you really willing to spend the rest of your life with a person just because he was there at the right time and place?

The person you’re supposed to be with, you’ll know. You’ll see it in the way that they treat you. You will never have to question their motives or question their loyalty. It’s like they say in movies, you’ll click, it’ll feel right.

When you finally stop waiting and living your life, he’ll come into your life and after months of doing nothing, he’ll finally gather the courage to ask you out. It won’t be who you expect, but it’ll feel right.

3 thoughts on “When You’re Waiting For Love

  1. It’s so beautiful to see a lady that is content while waiting. You’ll never have this kind of alone time after you get married. Being content in every season God gives us is key 😊 Beautifully written!

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