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Ask “What” Not “Why”

When you’re going through a difficult situation, whats the first thing you say to God? More than 90% of people’s reaction is to ask God why. The way we ask isn’t like a question but more of a condemning why.

Like why did He have to make us go through that. Why did it have to happen to us. Why does everything bad happen to us. Why didn’t He warn me. Why couldn’t this have happen to someone else. Why did it have to happen right now when I’m already dealing with so much? Do you see where I’m going with this?

The first time we ask God “why” something happened or why to us, we open a doorway to a series of why questions that come spilling out. Yes, we may have asked God not trying to make Him seem as a bad person, but after we ask all these questions, He ends up the bad guy in end. In the end, all of this could have been avoided “if only” God listened to me or if He had been there then He could have prevented it from happening.

Everything that happens, absolutely all of it, it happens for a reason. Everything has a reason and a purpose. I’m sure you guys have all heard the quote “everything has a time

God wants us to ask questions, just look at the Scriptures; it’s full of broken people asking questions. He really does want us to ask because that shows that we are interested in what He has to say. It means that we want to learn more about Him and about His character. Also, the only way we can ever get a true answer for our questions is from the God who created all and knows all. The only problem with this is what we have to learn how to ask the right questions. When something happens, we shouldn’t be quick to ask “why” instead we should ask a deeper question, one that will have a more specific answer. When we ask why, we are leaving a look of room for misinterpretation because God’s answer may be vague (and in no way is this His fault. Technically He is answering our question, if you want a better answer, ask a better question!) Having a list of questions is sometimes a good thing but you can’t throw all your questions at God all at once (it’s not that He won’t handle it, because He can definitely do that). If we were to ask our questions all at once, when God would start speaking we wouldn’t really be able to follow along. He would answer certain questions but we would fail to keep track and then we’re right back to where we started, thinking God doesn’t hear us.

When we ask God why, we assume that the answer He responds will give us some sort of peace in our lives, maybe even some type of soul satisfaction. In reality, more times than not, we don’t get the answer we were looking for. In the end we wind up more upset than when we first started asking questions. We start to feel a little resentment to God because He didn’t answer us in the way we expected Him too. It the end, God seems to fall short of our expectations. He’s no longer the God who can do everything because He failed to do what we wanted Him to.

There may be times that our questions to God go under answered but this doesn’t give us the right to start doubting God. Our questions may not be answered right then and there when we call out, it may take days, weeks and even years. But if we are faithful, if we area faithful that God will respond then He will. It may not be the answer we were looking for but He will give us one. It’s our job to always be alert and ready to hear His voice.

“Another time this becomes a problem is when we don’t know Gods voice, we don’t recognize it. If we fail to spend time with His Word, we will never learn to recognize the voice of God. When He speaks, if we don’t know His voice, we may confuse it for the voice of a friend or an enemy and refuse to follow through it or heed the advice.”

Take a look at the Bible, where does it say that God has/will answer all of our questions? NO WHERE! God is not obligated to answer anything we ask Him but He does most of the time. Signing up in this walk with Christ, we were all (most of us) made aware that there never will come a time when all of questions will be answers. As a matter of fact,

“The deeper we grow in our relationship with Christ, the more questions we are going to have for Him.”

That’s just life. Never in our lifetime or any human lifetime will there come a time where a human being stops asking questions. We will never fully know everything. The only way we can start to gain a little more knowledge, is to learn how to better ask a question. God “What are you trying to teach me/show me?” “God, what is the message here?”

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