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And For That I’m Sorry..

The past few months, I haven’t written anything, no posts or anything. The reason why was I have been very very busy with life & work (at least this is the excuse I tried to sell myself as often as I could in hopes of someday actually believing it myself). 

The real reason? 

I didn’t think I was good enough. Simple as that.

I’ve seen so many other bloggers out there and after looking at their social media pages and their blogs, I just felt like I didn’t belong. They knew what they were doing and they were doing it a lot better than me by the looks of it. Who was I to compare myself to them?

This is where I was wrong. Who am I think I should be comparing myself and my life to theirs?

If I was going to compare myself to anyone, it

should be Christ. 

Yes, I got somewhat intimidated by all these other writers out there, but what I failed to realize is that not all of them are transparent with the world. Some of them only post what they what the public to see. In a sense, I fell into this trap as well. My life wasn’t perfect so what in the world could I write about? What could I give you? Why would you want to hear about my struggles? About all the times I fall down and think I’m not worthy. All the times I question God’s plan for my life? All the times I question the direction of my life? The times I question my calling?


As a christian, we aren’t promised a life without troubles, so why in the world was I trying to portray it as such? And for that I’m sorry. 

What could I possibly have to offer you? The answer? Absolutely nothing. 

However, I could be transparent with you and share my journey and the path that God has set me on. The only thing I could possibly have to offer is to show you Christ in me. 

My life is never going to be perfect and no one else will ever be either. The things we post on social media, on our blogs, is not the whole story. Often times we select and post the highlights of our life, leaving out all the bad things that we’ve experienced hoping that if we don’t mention them, they’ll just do away. 

The past few months have been truly a blessing. They made me realize that Christ is always there. Christ is more than enough for me. With Christ I can do the unimaginable, I can go do far more than I’ve ever dream for my life. Christ is someone I can count on no matter what time of day. 

“I may not be perfect, I may be flawed but that doesn’t stop God from using me for His glory!”

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