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Bible in 90 Days: Day 2 Reflections

Genesis 17 – 28:1-19

Out of all these chapters, chapter 22 was the one I zeroed in on most. God promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars and finally, many years later he was given a son by Sarah named Issac. Looking at Abrahams life, it wasn’t hard to see that he was a man of faith. When God called him to leave everything he knew behind and follow Him, he did it without any questions, and just his life overall. Now that he was finally given Issac, Gods promise to him was fulfilled and I’m sure he couldn’t have been anymore happier. But then God asked him to sacrifice his only son Issac as a burnt offering…what would you have done? I don’t think I would have been able to act the same way that Abraham did. I mean he didn’t even question God when God told him to take his only son and offer him as a burnt offering!! He just got up in the morning, saddled his donkey and hit the road. Literally.

When he saw the place that God told him, he left the men behind, took his son, the wood, left the donkey with the other men, and went up. I mean if it were me, I think I would have taken the donkey up just in case, you know? I probably would’ve been asking God “have you changed your mind? Maybe I could offer this donkey instead? I mean I did come up here all the way, that should count for something shouldn’t it?” the whole way up the mountain. Like seriously, I would be trying to find anyway out of the situation. How many of us try to do that when God calls us to do something? We try to find every excuse possible to get out of that situation but if we just shut up for s minute and listened to God, we would see that He has it all under control. Abraham was ready to kill his only son because that’s what God told him to do. So many of us aren’t even willing to give up 5 minutes for God to read His word, because that’s five minutes we could be doing something else, something more important like watching Netflix. Everyday I strive to have a faith like Abraham. A faith where I listen to God without questioning Him. A faith where I trust that God has everything under control and has my best interest in mind.

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