Bible in 90 Days: Day 1 Reflections

So I’m doing this Bible in 90 Days reading plan again but this time I wanted to dig a little deeper as I go through it. So I’ve decided that for each of the 90 Days, I’ll do a reflection on a passage or chapter, that really spoke to me. Anyways, these reflections aren’t going to be backed up by passages in the Bible like I usually do with my other posts, these will be just my thoughts on the passage itself. So please don’t judge me here, and if you have some different thoughts about the passages I’ll be writing about, feel free to share it in the comments! (also the featured images will probably have absolutely nothing to do with the posts, just warning y’all:)

Genesis 1-16

Out of these sixteen chapters, the one that really spoke to me was chapter 7. No one on the earth knew what God was planning to do except for Noah and even he didn’t know the exact day that God would flood the earth. On the day that the flood began, God called Noah into the ark along with his family. While Noah was entering the ark, everyone else of earth was drinking, being merry and living life like nothing was wrong. They didn’t understand what was going on probably up until the last few minutes. By that time they probably realized that this was God punishing them for their wicked lifestyles but it was too late. I can see the same thing with our sinful generation. So many people are living life like they have forever to go. They live in their sin and don’t seem to have a care in the world. But what are they going to do when the Son of Man comes back to this earth? It’s going to be similar to that of what happened with the flood. Everyone will be living their lives without any fear of the end, and at that moment, Christ will come back to this earth to gather His Bride. Will we be ready?

God commanded Noah to build an Ark and told him exactly how to build it. What do you think would have happened if Noah didn’t heed to Gods command? He would’ve been destroyed in the flood along side with all the sinners. Today, God does talk to us. He warns us and try’s to guide us, but we don’t listen. When we don’t listen, we are putting our salvation at risk. We risk our salvation for the sake of a sin that will lead us to an eternal fire. We need to be careful to always be alert so that we can hear Gods voice when He talks.

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