10 Signs He’s Just Not Into You

You’ve had a crush on him for awhile now. You’re friends tell you that its time to move on but you’re still holding out hope, hoping that he actually likes you and is just being shy about it.

How do you really know if a guy likes you? What signs should we be on the lookout for?

Sometimes the signs are right in front of us but we just choose not to see them. If a guy likes you, you will know. If he’s just not into you, you will know(though many of us choose to be oblivious for whatever reason. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time trying to impress a guy who actually likes you back? If a guy isn’t into you, there really isn’t anything you can do on your end to change that.)

So how do you know he’s not into you? What are some signs we should be looking for? I’ve complied a list of the top 10 signs he’s just not into you, if you can relate to more than three of these, its time to move on.

  1. It’s always you initiating contact. 

    A guy who really like you will find any excuse possible to talk to you. Id he’s not texting you it’s because he’s not thinking of you.

  2. He hasn't taken you out yet.

    You may hang out when you’re with a group of people but if he hasn’t taken you out, just the two of you, on a real date, it’s because he doesn’t want to date you.

  3. He doesn't always answer.

    You’re the one who is quick to respond to a snap he sends but it doesn’t go both ways.

  4. You two rarely talk.

    If he only reaches out when he needs something, he doesn’t like you at all. Because again, if a guy truly liked you, he would talk to you everyday (literally about anything).

  5. Talks about other women.

    If a guy likes you, he won’t be talking to you about other women. Thus being said, if he’s open to talking about other women, chances are you aren’t the woman he wants.

  6. His family and friends.

    If he doesn’t bring you around his family and friends, the people who matter the most to him, then he’s not interested in a long-term relationship with you. He doesn’t see you in his future so he doesn’t see a point in making introductions.

  7. He tries to change you.

    If a guy likes you, they will like you for who you are, not who you could be. If a guy tries to change anything about you, whether your personality, looks, or anything really, then he sees something wrong with you. He’s more focused on your ‘flaws’ then he is on you.

  8. Doesn't ask about your day.

    You may be wondering what this has to do with anything, but it’s the small things that really count. If he’s asking about your day, it means he’s really curious and these things are important to him.

  9. You're confused.

    If a guy has you questioning whether he’s into you or not, chances are he’s not. A man who’s really interested in you, doesn’t keep you guessing.

  10. You hear from him only when he's drunk 

    (yes, many of our fellow ‘christians’ do get drunk). If the only time he thinks of you is at 2 a.m. when he’s drunk, then he’s not the guy for you. Find yourself a guy who wants you sober.

It won’t be easy accepting the fact that he just doesn’t like you. Some of you that still hold out hope, won’t have anyone to blame but themselves in the end. Ladies there’s a guy out there who was created just for you! He won’t ask you to become someone you’re not because he will accept you for who you are.

The man God created for you, isn’t going to keep you guessing. He’ll tell you what he wants (you) and he’ll make sure you know it.

The man God created for you, isn’t someone you’ll have to chase. If it’s really from God, then everything will work out, but if it’s not, then you’re just gonna keep running laps for nothing.

The man God created for you isn’t going to lead you to sin, he’ll lead you to Him.

Ladies if the guy you’re crushing on isn’t pursuing you but you’re pursuing him, he isn’t from God. He’s a distraction. Just be patient and God will send the real deal your way on His timing, not yours. Don’t ignore these signs and settle for less just because you’re tired of being alone.


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