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6 Girls Talk About Their Ideal Man

So many of you have been asking me to do more posts like this so I’m giving it a try.

I interviewed six girls about their perfect guy. (No, I won’t tell you who they are, they’re going to remain anonymous) Depending on the turnout of this post, I will probably do another one where I interview guys about their ideal woman.

[ I interviewed women from all over so its not only people who live in my hometown. ]

I think its important for guys to have at least some knowledge about a girls ‘Ideal man.’ Guys should know what things girls are looking for when they meet a man. You’ll be surprised by what some of these women have to say. It’s not really all you thought it would be. 

Q: 7 things you look for in a guy?

Woman 1:

1) He has to have a relationship with God, that I fall in love with before even falling in love with him

2) Generosity

3) Funny. He has to be able to crack some jokes with me here and there but also serious when needed to be

4) Assuring. He can’t doubt everything. He has to know what he wants and go after it

5) Child-Lover. I have a strong love for kids. I need a guy that will love them also. He will also have a passion to be with kids, play with them, and love them.

6) Outgoing. A guy that’s not boring, a guy that will talk to me, be compatible with me. Since I am a very outgoing person, I need someone that’ll be similar to me.

7) Adventurous. Someone that will be down to go on a spontaneous trip. Someone who would always take me somewhere new. Someone who could surprise me.

8) (couldn’t decide on 7 so y’all got 8:)) Smart: I want my husband to have a college degree, to have a profession, and a stable job before we’re married so after we won’t always have to worry about money

Woman 2:

1) A man who is sure of what he wants (including me)

2) Persistent/determined (kind of goes hand in hand with the first one)

3) Bold (isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to work on in yourself) foremost, having the Word of God as a guide to what ones inner man should look lie and when he leads you according to Gods word and cares for you becoming a better being in Christ, it’s the most beautiful thing! Some men just please women and tickle their ears to what a woman wants to hear, just to make her happy. For me it’s the opposite.

4) Positive

5) Responsible in all aspects of life. It assures a woman that she’s in good and secure hands

6) Soft side. Every man is good at portraying a tough cookie out of themselves but need to know how to get down on your level sometimes and show emotions. Crying isn’t downgrading for men, show your soft spots and through that comes vulnerability. It’s a beautiful thing.

7) Openness and Honesty. Beating around the bush doesn’t do. Straightforwardness is the way to go.

Woman 3:

1) Relationship with Christ

2) Driven. I want someone who knows what he wants is isn’t afraid to go after it

3) Funny. A guy who isn’t always serious is truly a blessing. A guy needs to know when to be funny and when to be serious. Being serious all the time makes you come off as a dull person.

4) Responsible. I don’t want a guy who can’t take responsibility for his actions. The guy has to show that he is capable of being responsible before I ever consider being with him.

5) Emotionally available. A guy who’s constantly living in the past isn’t going to cut it for me. I don’t want to question whether or not I’m good enough for him.

6) Love for kids. I really love kids so it is very important to me that he does too.

7) Adventurous. Personally I love traveling and my ideal guy would too. Someone who can make an adventure out of anything is golden!

Woman 4:

1) His Spiritual stability

2) How he treats others

3) Sense of humor

4) If he is compassionate

5) His intelligence

6) Moral Integrity

7) Faithfulness, dependability, fatherliness, confidence, generosity & being a good listener

Woman 5:

1) Relationship with God

2) Committed to Church or ministry

3) Christ like character

4) Mature

5) Confident in himself and what he does


7) Beard (;

Woman 6: 

1) Honesty

2) Respectfulness

3) Modest

4) Loyal

5) Supporting

6) Hygiene (come on, no B.O.)

7) Caring


Q: Two qualities in a guy that turn me off?

Woman 1: Cocky. When a guy thinks to highly of themselves or think they’re too hot, it automatically makes me want to not talk with them. Greediness

Woman 2: Uncertainty. A woman doesn’t feel like she can be a woman next to a man if he doesn’t have himself figured out. Superficiality. Be deep! Love the details fo your relationship and water them!

Woman 3: Personality. I hate it when a guy thinks he’s better than everyone. Um hello mister, you can come back to earth now. Also how he treats others. Unsure. I don’t want a guy who doesn’t know what he wants, so do you want me or not? Which one is it?

Woman 4: One quality in a guy that turns me away is him being selfish

Woman 5: If he’s not christian and doesn’t respect women

Woman 6: Greediness and Having no back bone. 


Q: Are his looks an important factor?

Woman 1: I think looks are a very important factor. I don’t think it’s possible to really love a person if you aren’t physically attracted to someone. Their personality can be everything but they’ll always be something missing. So looks are on top of my scale factor.

Woman 2: Let’s be real and put the “Looks don’t matter, as long as the heart and personality are good” talk aside and be honest with ourselves. We all want a good looking fella and an unattractive man (to your taste) might even go unnoticed by you simply because there’s nothing in him that has caught your eye. Yes, the heart and a golden soul are good, don’t get me wrong. That’s if you’re looking for a lifetime best-friend and a ‘Philia’ love spoken of in the Bible as a deep friendship love. But a couple cannot sustain their relationship without ‘Eros’ which also the Bible mentions as a romantic love. So if you’re looking for a man to marry, make a family and live a life with, I suggest you choose someone you’re attracted to. So yes, to me look are very important. They’re about a 7 on a scale of how much I care about them. If I am not attracted to my man physically it will be as twice as hard to be attracted to him emotionally and mentally.

Woman 3: Yes, if we’re being completely honest here. Those of you who say no, please stop kidding yourself. I will talk to someone who I am attracted to but just because he’s good looking doesn’t mean he’s the one. For me, he has to be good looking as well as have a great personality. It’s not a one trait thing, its a package deal for me.

Woman 4: looks fall on my scale of 6/10

Woman 5: Looks are important but not more important than who he is truly on the inside. No matter how attractive a guy might be, if his character is ugly, he would be ugly to me.

Woman 6: Looks are not the main thing in a guy but they definitely are a bonus to a good guy. One a scale of 1 to 10, I would say 5.


Q: Would you rather be in a relationship where you take it day by day or one where you knew where it was going?

Woman 1: I’d rather have a relationship where I knew where it was going. The only guy I would like to date is the one I’m going to marry…I don’t want to play games with guys with guys and/or just have fun. I don’t think it’s right…It ruins your reputation slowly. I first would talk to the guy for a bit, then let him know if it’s going anywhere before me and him would start dating.

Woman 2: I would rather be in a relationship where I knew where it was going. Women don’t like uncertainty just as much as men do. When they show determination and persistence in pursuing you, it cuts us a break at the whole ‘second-guessing and the ton-load of overthought questions’ roll. (and we all know us girls are best at the overthinking game)

Woman 3: I would rather be in a relationship where I knew where it was going. I wouldn’t start a relationship unless I knew where it was going. I don’t want to spend and invest so much of my time if it wasn’t heading toward marriage.

Woman 4: I’d rather be in a relationship where I knew where it was going

Woman 5: I don’t believe in dating unless it’s serious. I believe in marriage. So from day 1, it should be serious/going towards marriage. Otherwise I would call that just friends. I would not waste my time on a guy who is not serious from the beginning.

Woman 6: I would rather be in a relationship where I knew what we are and what we want to become.


Q: Do you want someone romantic?

Woman 1: YES. I would love someone romantic, one of my big things!

Woman 2: YES YES AND YES to being romantic. It’s a natural for girls to be quirky and detailed and overly obsessed with making cute things, but if you’re the only one constantly pulling the romantic wagon of the relationship, at some point you burn out. it’s definitely a plus as well as an attractive attribute when a man can make a his woman feel like a million of dollars just by showing her he cares about nurturing and sustaining their love too.

Woman 3: YES! When you do something romantic, you make her feel really special. It says that you care about her and will do random little things to make her happy. It also shows that you’re thinking about her.

Woman 4: Yes I do want him to be romantic. It falls on my scale of 5/10

Woman 5: Yes, I love a romantic. Who doesn’t? (;

Woman 6: I definitely want someone romantic. I think all guys have to have a little bit romantic in them. Romance keeps the relationship alive.


Q: Do you want your ideal guy to be involved in the Church? Or is that just a plus?

Woman 1: That is just a plus for me. It doesn’t bother me if he isn’t involved in church. As long as he has a strong passion/relationship for/with God, that’s fine with me.

Woman 2: Preferably yes. Even though if he wasn’t, it wouldn’t be the end of the world (as long as he’s a great priest of our household) BUT, I think it’s a beautiful thing that says a lot about a man if he serves in the Church and is involved in the community. For Christ calls us to not keep the fire to ourselves but to spread it to others, and as God came to serve, I believe so should we unto others. And when a man involves himself into ministry, to me, it shows that he has passion for the community, to show, to spread and to share that love of Christ beyond just sustaining his own inner man. So I would say I’m leaning more towards I would want him to be involved in the Church.

Woman 3: This would be a plus for me. He doesn’t have to be involved in the church because not everyone is called to that. If he has God first in his life, then thats all that matters to me.

Woman 4: I believe that a man with good morals & beliefs is a man who will know how to treat a woman & raise up a good family. So to me it’s important to have a man who stands firmly in his faith & walk with God. A man who knows what he believes in and a man who chases after what is right. So yes I want my man to be a true believer who is involved in the Church.

Woman 5: For me it doesn’t matter, if he is involved in a Church or not, as long as he does God’s will, I will be happy. Not everyone is called to minister in the Church.

Woman 6: Yes, the man is the head of the family should he should be involved with the church and make sure that he is a good example for his woman. 


Q: Does money play a big role in your decision?

Woman 1: Yes. Money Does. I would like a guy that’s stable. That’ll be able to provide for me. I don’t want to be always worrying about money. If he has a stable job and is able to provide, that’ll be fine. I don’t expect a super rich guy, just a ordinary regular guy that’ll have a good stable job, that’ll provide for me and my future family.

Woman 2: No, in my decision no. But assurance that a man has got a head on his shoulders and is thinking ahead for the life to come, is a preference that I can’t let go of. So in other words he needs to be responsible as a man. But as for money, it comes and goes. SO it doesn’t matter that much.

Woman 3: Yes and no. I want someone who is smart with their money and doesn’t spend it on pointless things. He has to be able to provide for the family so in that sense I would say yes. I don’t expect him to be rich, just enough to support our family.

Woman 4: Being financial stabile is important. Since the man is the head of the family & household, he carries most of the financial responsibility. I’m not saying he needs to be making 6 figures a year, just enough to be able to support his family.

Woman 5: Money doesn’t play a role to me. Somebody’s worth is not dependent upon whether or not they’re rich or poor. All I want is to be truly in love and be fulfilling God’s will for my life.

Woman 6: Money is important to support a family but it shouldn’t be the number one thing to strive for. 


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3 thoughts on “6 Girls Talk About Their Ideal Man

  1. Some of these things are very true, but some points are based on fulfilling “me”. As a married woman, I have realized that it is about serving the husband, without expecting anything back. Marriage is not 50/50, it shouldn’t be about us being served. If we have those expectations going into marriage we will be disappointed. Now, I’m not saying getting surprises or having a husband with wealth is something we all want, but in reality it is not always that way. A lot of what we see in media has been raising the expectations of many younger unmarried ladies. We need to realize that marriage is definitely not about “ourselves”. There are many books I would recommend ladies read before marriage, such as The Power of a Praying Wife. Anyways, it was really interesting to read these views!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your post! It was nice hearing your side on relationships and I would have to agree with you. Relationships are not always going to be 50/50 and they’re not always going to be what you expect.


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