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Dear Future Husband…

Dear Future Husband,

I hope our love just flows naturally. I hope that you love Jesus more than you love me. I hope that in our relationship, others can see Christ. I don’t want the kind of love society talks about, I want a 1 Corinthians 13 love.

I pray that during this time we’re apart, you’re growing in your relationship with God. I pray that God blesses you in whatever you’re doing now. I pray that God helps you accomplish whatever you set your mind too. I pray that God gives you great health, not only physical but mental and emotion as well. And whenever your feeling down remember I’m here praying for you.

I’ll have to admit, the waiting is not easy; not that I expected it to be. But I’m constantly seeing everyone around me either getting engaged, married or in a relationship. It seems like I’m the only one left. It feels really lonely and seeing them, makes me crave a relationship and I know that shouldn’t be the case. Everything is going according to Gods plan and when it’s time, he’ll introduce us. But still its frustrating.

Anyway let me warn you, you’re in for a truck load. I hope you’re ready for:

A million questions, and I truly mean that. I tend to ask a lot of questions for absolutely no reason but still expect you to answer them.

Uncontrollable laughter. This one isn’t too bad but I’m the type of person who will still be laughing at a joke 10 minutes later.

Sarcasm. Naturally I’m a very sarcastic person so don’t take everything I say seriously.

My friends. All I have to say is ‘Good Luck Chuck.’ Just kidding, but really good luck, they are some crazy people.

My dreams. I have big dreams and I hope that you encourage me to pursue them and help me achieve them. I’ve heard enough from other people to get realistic, I  hope I don’t get the same from you.

Deep Talks. I love long conversations about God. I love learning more about my Savior and just talking about Him in general. (I do this with my friends a lot so I hope this could be our thing too)

My Appetite. For this one I’m truly sorry because even I can’t handle this one. I love to eat but can’t eat a lot at one time, so instead of 3 meals a day, I have either like 7 or 1. Don’t even ask.

Uncoordinated dancing, though I don’t think you can even call it that. I. CAN’T. DANCE. to save my life but some part of me thinks I can still do it.

Useless Arguments. This one I apologize in advance for. I grew up with 5 other siblings so naturally I had to learn how to argue really well about just anything.

And last of all, The Real Me. I’m not going to change for you or for anyone. I won’t even apologize about it because I’m happy being me and I won’t be anyone else for someone else. I don’t mean this is away saying that I won’t be willing to compromise in a relationship, because I will. I just mean I won’t change myself, my personality, how I dress or anything like that for a guy. God created me to be me, not to be a copy of someone else.

I know its only a matter of time before we meet and I’ll be in your heart. You are my other half, handcrafted by God for me. You are my soul mate, you have the pieces that I lack. I love you more than words can say.

While we’re apart, don’t give up hope! I am following God’s path for me, and soon our paths will cross. Have faith and allow God to take the lead, and He will lead you to me.

Here’s a piece of advice I want to give you:

‘Find God, Find yourself, then come Find me’



3 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband…

    1. Thanks! I think it’s good to be aware of yourself to a point where you know exactly what you want and what you don’t. Staying true to yourself is one of the most important things there is when it comes to a relationships. Anyways God bless:)

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