Jesus changes everything.

“Once you’ve encountered Jesus, it changes everything.” – Christine Caine

When you meet Jesus, you start to notice things. You notice the impact He has on other people’s lives. Once you take that step and accept Him into YOUR life, your life will change.

Jesus changes everything.

If you say you’ve accepted Jesus in your life but you act the same way and do the same things you did before Christ entered your life, then something isn’t adding up. When you accept Jesus, you don’t live like you did before. You CAN’T live the life you had before Him because in that life, you were living in sin. If you can just go back to your old life, then you haven’t really accepted Him. Going back to old habits means choosing sin over Christ. If you knew Christ, you wouldn’t make a foolish choice like that.

Ask anyone and they will tell you, Jesus changes everything. He gives you hope. He gives you love. He gives you freedom. He gives you peace. He gives you a home. He gives you a family. He gives you everything.

Let’s take a look at the book of Matthew, where it talks about the life of Jesus. When He came to this earth, He didn’t come to tell people they were doing a good job, instead He came to tell them what they were doing wrong. He came to show them how to gain salvation, tell them they needed to repent, etc.

When Jesus came to this earth, everything changed.

The sick were healed.

The blind could see.

Sinners were forgiven.

People were given a purpose.

The demon possessed were freed.

Spiritually dead people were brought back to life.

The mute could speak.

The dead came to life.

And these aren’t even all the things that happened! If Jesus could do this to strangers, random people who didn’t know Jesus on a personal level, don’t try to tell me that you knew Jesus when your life said otherwise.

If Jesus can do all of these things and more for people who didn’t really know Him, just try to imagine what He can do in your life!

He changed death, the afterlife, how we view others, how we see time.

He taught us how to give, how to forgive, how to pray and most of all, how to love.

When you know Jesus, you start to notice things. You look at things differently, thus you act differently. When people see you, they will be able to see Christ.

When you don’t have Christ in your life, people will see what they want to see. To them, you will always be the same. They will love you and leave you when you have served your purpose.

God gives us all a choice. We can choose to accept Jesus into our life. He can force it but He won’t. God gave us the power to choose, so you decide today, do you really want to accept Jesus into your life? If you’re serious about your decision, be prepared for some changes because ‘Jesus changes everything.’

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