5 Must-Listen Podcasts

So recently, like 7 months ago, I started listening to podcasts. I’ve read about some people who added it as part of their daily routine and decided I wanted to try it out and see if it was for me. And guess what? It was! Every time I’m driving in my car, which seems like all the time, I turn on a podcast instead of putting on music. A podcast makes me think of the topic in depth, it actually forces me to give it my attention and try to see how it affects my life.

My advice to you, try it out. See if its for you, and no guys it’s not for everyone. But having it on, makes you reflect on your life. It makes you focus on God for that whole car ride no matter if its for 7 minutes or 35.

Since I have added this to my life, I have seen a big difference in my faith. I understand more how certain things affect my life. I started to be alert more to how I live my life and what I give my time of day to.

Take a moment and just check out these 5 podcasts, and choose one for yourself. At least once during your day, listen to an episode of a podcast.

[I’ll try to include a little detail about the podcast itself, so if its a church, I’ll mention who the pastor is. Also I’ll share my favorite episode from that particular podcast and when it was uploaded so it’ll be easier to find for you]

1. Passion City Church

The Pastor at Passion City Church is Louie Giglio, I first heard of him on the radio where he did “59 seconds of hope.” My favorite podcast from him so far is “It’s Time to Turn the Page” uploaded on December 10th. The main focus of this episode is “It’s not about us changing people, it’s about US changing.”

2. Jesus Calling Podcast: Touching stories of Faith

Every week, this podcast interviews different people about their life and just different questions. People share their stories of faith. I don’t have a favorite because they’re all really good in my opinion.

3. Eternal Stance Podcast

This podcast is by Slaveck Moraru. There are about 4 new podcast put out every month. So far my favorite out of all the ones I’ve listened to is “Who do you look like” uploaded on January 3rd. In this episode it talks about comparing yourself to others, what you idolize in your life and who you have on a pedestal. (be ready to analyze your own life while listening to this one!!)

4. Elevation With Steven Furtick

This is the Elevation Church podcast, they upload regularly so every week there is a new episode. My favorite by Steven so far is “The Word On The Street” uploaded on December 17th. In this episode it talks about how words are powerful and if we aren’t careful, we can let the wrong ones define us.

5. Fresh Life Church

The Pastor at this church is Levi Lusko, uploads are also pretty regular. My favorite episode in this podcast so far is “Mask On, Mask Off” uploaded October 29. In this episode it talks about when you put a mask on, you mask yourself off from God’s Blessing.


There are many more podcast out there besides these five, but these are just the ones I personally love to listen too. If these podcast aren’t what you’re looking for, do some exploring on your own. Just because I enjoy these particular ones, doesn’t mean you will so find what works for you!

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