Perfectly Imperfect

We’re not worthy. We’re all sinners. We don’t deserve His love. We don’t deserve His salvation. We don’t deserve to call Him OUR God. YET…He loves us. He calls us beautiful one. Chosen one. He went on the cross for our sins. He DIED to give us salvation. Christ died for us on the cross. He knew that all have sinned and deserved eternal life in hell but, HE chose to come down here on earth and die for YOU and ME, who are far from perfect.

He didn’t say that He would die ONLY for the righteous. He didn’t say ONLY those who were perfect would receive salvation. Everyone who has sinned is NOT perfect. With this being said, here’s a question “who is perfect?” Is it your mom? Dad? Brother? Aunt? Pastor? No, it’s not any of them. NONE of us are perfect because, we ALL have sinned. Christ alone is perfect.

So why is it that many think they are unworthy to come to Christ? Why do so many people say ‘God can never forgive me for my sins.’ Why do people think they have to be perfect in order to be able to come to Christ? Christ said “It’s not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick.” (Luke 5:31) So why are we waiting to become healthy in order to come to Christ? We can’t get healthy on our own. We need Christ who is the Healer to heal us. How can the doctor help you if you don’t come to Him and tell Him what’s wrong. In the same sense, how can God help us if we don’t come to Him and tell Him what’s wrong? Tell Him what’s been bothering you. Don’t wait until you think you’re worthy enough to come to Christ, because you’ll be waiting till your grave. You will never be worthy enough on your own. Christ MAKES you worthy.

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