Christian · Prayer · Sermon

While We Wait…

So often I find myself focused on my problems and cares instead of the one who can take care of my problems and cares. In life it’s about where we put our focus and what our perspective is. We need to remember God’s promises and keep them in mind. If God says something, then it will surely come to be. In hard times we need to remember that God is in control and to keep our focus on Him while we wait for His answer/help. This time  of waiting is rewarding and will draw us closer to God. Though this isn’t what many of you want to hear but when we are trying to deal with our problems, we shouldn’t jump right in and try to figure things out on our own like most of us try to do. In the end we end up failing because we’re not strong enough to take on our problems alone. Instead we should wait on the Lord and trust in Him.

In life, when things get rough, it’s fairly easy for us to lose focus of God, and switch our focus on what’s going wrong, to our problems. We think that if we give our problems attention, then we’ll be able to solve and fix them. But in reality, if we keep our focus on God, and put our trust in Him, and allow Him to work in our lives, He will help us solve these problems. Sometimes we need to step back and look at the bigger picture, and when we do this, we realize that only God can solve our problems,  only He can help us through the storm. We all are given the option to choose what we give our focus too. When we get in situations where it seems like there’s no way our, it’s so easy for us to pick our focus, and it isn’t God; we choose our problems. We need to learn to trust God to handle the situation and in order to do this, He has to remain as our main focus, and that can never change. Though we may not be able to control our current circumstances, we can control where and what we give our attention too. You may not think that attention matters very much, but it does. It determines what is important in your life and if also determines how you react in certain situations.

Many of us pray for God’s help and expect an answer right away but that doesn’t always happen. We start to doubt that God is there listening to our prayers. But just because God hasn’t answered your prayer, doesn’t mean that He loves you any less. We have to learn to trust His timing. He knows what He is doing since He can see the whole puzzle while we only see a piece of it. We need to learn to ask God to help us stay rooted in His truth so that we don’t become distracted by the little things, like tough and negative circumstances. In The Bible, it tells us to be careful what we focus on, and Philippians 4:8 it tells us exactly what we should be focusing our minds on. There are so many things that can steal our focus like our problems, our current situation, our sin, our imperfections, our circumstances. We can choose to focus on any of these things or we can choose to focus on God’s promise to us. If we fail to keep our focus on the Lord, we will end up losing our hope and give up, we would them be consumed by a displease anger that The Bible warns us against. Our best chance at finding hope and joy is by choosing God’s way, trusting in His plan, and keeping our focus on Him. Far too often, we let our emotions get the best of us and make the decisions for us. But our emotions should be indicators BUT NOT dictators. If your emotions are in control of your life, then you have a serious problem on your hands. When our emotions are in control they can lead us farther from God without us realizing it.

One thing we all fail to remember on a daily basis is that God is bigger than anything that we can and will go though. He has devised a plan for all our lives, one that assures victory over every issue that we come to encounter. In Isaiah 64:4, it says that God will act on our behalf when we wait on Him.

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