Her Freshman BucketList

It’s your first year of college, don’t just sit in your dorm 24/7. Go out there and make your freshman year a year to remember. Heres a few things you can do your freshman year!

  1. Meet your school’s mascot
  2. Eat wings like a bro in front of a ‘bro’
  3. Have lunch with your favorite professor
  4. Visit your best friend on their campus
  5. Have a picnic on campus
  6. Dye your hair
  7. Go on a weekend road trip
  8. Surprise your parents for their birthday by going home for the weekend
  9. Go vegetarian for a week
  10. Reach out to that awkward freshman
  11. Create your own signature drink
  12. Mix up your weekend routine- try to eat something different
  13. Enter a business competition- you can do this with your friends and see where it takes you
  14. Organize a day of Free Hugs on your campus
  15. Apply to your dream internship
  16. Start your own campus-wide tradition
  17. Participate in a campus-wide tradition
  18. Donate blood
  19. Resist hook-up culture and go on a real date
  20. Volunteer somewhere
  21. Stock up on disposable cameras
  22. Take advantage of your free campus gym membership
  23. Pull an all-nighter
  24. Sleep all day
  25. DJ a party for your friends or the whole campus

Not really your type of BucketList? Go check out one of our other ones! Here’s a BucketList made for almost everyone! Freshman Year BucketList

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