5 Skills You Should Have Before You Graduate

In today’s society, you can’t just go out and get a job. The employers of todays generation are more picker than they were years ago. Today they are looking for specific qualities and skills in people. These skills will not only help you be successful in college but they will also help you in the job department as well.


  1. Research – In college, this skill is essential for your success. There are many professors that need you to find information for most of their assignments. Though you may have not known this but there is a right and wrong way to collect research. Many of us know how to collect research from the internet, but we must also know how to collect research from books. When it comes to the internet, you can’t just take someones word for the information that they’re providing. You have to check the accuracy with other sources and see how reliable the source is. After you search and evaluate the information, you have to select content that is relevant to what your topic is and then credit the source. The research process is sorta a long one, but if you follow the steps for it, then you will successfully learn the skill. librarrryyy-research
  2. Public Speaking – Many people are scared to talk in front of others. They prefer to be in the background and do what they can from there. But once you get in college, you don’t have an option. Professors include speaking in front of the class in almost every one of their courses. Though you may think it is, public speaking isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. Have public speaking as a skill helps you organize your thoughts and create an effective argument. You voice your opinion in an effective way that helps show your point of view on the subject. public-speaking
  3. Critical Thinking – This is one of the most important skills that one can have. It’s the ability to collect information and evaluate it. After evaluating this information, choosing the best course of action; the best decision. There are many skills that come with critical thinking creative thinking is one of them. It helps you learn to solve problems in other ways when the first one didn’t work. Critical thinking requires reasoning, logic and argumentation. Without one of these, you are more likely to fail at critical thinking.criticcal-thinking
  4. Time Management – This is a big one. In college there is always something to do, so it’s the perfect place to learn this skill. If you don’t learn how to effectively manage your time, you might end up not completing your degree, or completing it later than expected. In order to acquire time management as a skill, you need to learn how to effectively set goals(realistic ones), prioritize all your last in the order of their importance, and fight the urge to procrastinate. time-management
  5. Teamwork – Yeah how you work solo is important, but most employers want people who play well with others. They don’t want someone who isn’t going to get along with the other employees. In college this is also important because you may need to collaborate on a project or a homework assignment. Startup Stock Photos







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