10 Studying Tips

Before a test or a huge exam, everyone is constantly saying that they are going to study. Does it happen? 97% of the time it doesn’t happen. Why? Because you don’t plan. Or when you do study, is it successful? Probably not. Why you ask? Its because you overlooked several factors. When it comes to studying, its not just something that you do and be done with. Below are 10 tips for studying to help boost your grade!

1.) Set study goals

When you set goals, make sure that they are realistic. Ask yourself   what you will have to do in order to achieve those goals. Also make sure your goals are very detailed so you know exactly what you what to get out of studying. For example if your studying for a Environmental exam, you can set little goals like learn all the different biomes. If your goals aren’t detailed then you won’t be motivated to actually do them. You won’t see the benefits you will get once you achieve them.

2.) Take regular study breaks

We aren’t superhuman, though there are many of us out there who believe that we are. We can’t focus for a long time so we need to give ourselves some time to recover. During this ‘study break’ you can either go make some coffee, grab a snack, go see some of your friends, go to the gym, basically you can do anything (but don’t do anything illegal!) After your break you can get back to studying. Don’t think of this as slacking because its the exact opposite. Taking a break helps boost your productivity and it also improves your focus.

3.) Test yourself

I’m sure that almost everyone of us has been in a situation were we walked a testing room and our mind just went blank. You know you know the material the test is over but you just can’t seem to remember it. That’s why testing yourself before hand is a very good thing to do. You mentally prepare yourself for the actual test. Preparing under pressure helps you remember more things. The more you practice, the better you’ll do on the actual test.

4.) Be positive

Are you dreading that study session? Excited about it? Just want to get over with it? Well your attitude has a big impact on the amount of studying you get done. Focus on the positive outcomes, how you can achieve your goals and you will.

5.) Find a healthy balance

Take control of your life! Don’t just keep living and complaining about everything. Get up and go do something about it. If you don’t want to study because ‘your don’t ever get enough sleep’ then go change your daily routine to have enough time for everything.

6.) Collaborate with study partners

When you study in groups you tend to remember more. Your friends all have different ways of remembering things and when you study together they share their ideas. You can all give each other tips how to remember certain things.

7.) Find the perfect study place

When it comes to studying, don’t study where you hang out with friends. Don’t study in your room or on your bed. You will be tempted to go do other things. Find a place where its peaceful so you can devote all of your attention to studying.

8.) Make a study schedule

Time fly’s. It goes by with the blink of an eye. When it comes to studying we all say that we’ll do it tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and we say the same exact thing again. Until its the day of the test and you try to study everything all at once. But its already too late. By making a study schedule, you break up what you have to study into smaller sections. Then you can study a section a day until the day of the test. In this case you will remember almost everything.

9.) Shorten it in your own words.

It’s a lot harder to remember what someone else said, especially someone you don’t even know. By putting it in your own words, you summarize the whole text. This means that you read all the material in that section and find a way that you’re going to remember it.

10.) Avoid shortcuts

Yes it’s a lot easier to get the answer from some one else, but by doing that, you’re not really learning anything. If you do the work yourself, you learn what method works for you to find the answer. This way when the test comes you will know what to expect. When you copy someone else, yea you get the answers, but when you take the test,t you’re screwed. Theres no better way to put it. you won’t know how to answer the questions because you copied on your review. When you do it yourself, you get familiarized with what’s expected of you.

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